It is an honor to be in the presence of award-winning music legend John Lodge. His wisdom, skill and achievements are inspiring. A hit-making singer, songwriter, guitarist and bassist, John made an impact around the world with iconic band The Moody Blues. Inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018, he and his mates have sold more than 70 million albums.

Recently, John released an inspired new single titled “In These Crazy Times (Isolation Mix)” which he created using GarageBand. He took time out his busy schedule to answer our “2020 Twenty Questions” questionnaire! We hope THIS INTERVIEW entertains and inspires you.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how happy are you to be alive?

11, like the Surreal Volume on a guitar amp!

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

A car designer.

What was your favorite cartoon?

Mighty Mouse.

Tell us your favorite song as a kid, as a teenager, and now as an adult.

Walking in the Rain, Peggy Sue, and Imagine.

What’s an album that means more to you now than it did when you first heard it?

Buddy Holly and the Chirping Crickets.  It introduced me to other artists and songwriters.

What are your 3 favorite movies?

Kelly’s Heroes, Raging Bull, and Con Air.

What’s the last film that made you cry or almost cry, and what scene did it?

E.T, too close for comfort; being on those early U.S. tours and not being able to phone home!

What’s your all-time favorite TV show?

“Oh Boy!”, a rock show.

Which character on that show do you identify with most?

All of the artists appearing on the show.

What makes you laugh out loud or smile uncontrollably every time you see it or hear it?

Fawlty Towers!